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"Jappalachia" Foxbody Mustang

Our Flagship Project, built for Drfting

Fully Built Ford 2.3L Turbo 4cyl 

  • Spare long block and transmission

  • Projected 400whp

Natural Fiber Composite Widebody

  • 1 of 1 kit designed and fabricated by Gresh Studio

  • Lightweight interior+exterior offers 2400lb curb weight

Representing the philosophy of Jappalachia: Combining the rich car cultures of Japan and the Appalachian U.S.

In need of Suspension, Turbo, Clutch

Jappalachia: our next media enterprise

Combining the content talents of Cameron, Gresh, and Tay with several talented mechanics and fabricators, we're forming a new media enterprise to highlight the drift cultures of Japan and the Appalachian US

Our YouTube Channel, Instagram, and TikTok will center around our Drift Compound in Roanoke, VA. Focusing on the Drift Mustang build, our shop renovation, and building the drift track itself.


Build History

July 2023

October 2023

November 23, 2023

February 2024

Cameron and Gresh (Content Creators) + 

 Jackson and Connor (Head Mechanics)

Establish Jappalachia while drifting Ebisu Circuit in Japan

We secured access to our shop and compound, in the historic Roanoke Industrial District. And the Jappalachia Fox was conceptualized.

Two donor cars were purchased, and the build began.

The current build drifts at it's first Drift Event, validating our initial idea. 

Now seeking sponsorship for suspension and turbo upgrades, while both our blocks are in the machine shop.

Jappalachia Launches
June 1, 2024

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